27 January 2011

Clothes for Hamuza!

Hamuza is my little shadow!  He is a young boy who was abandoned by his mother when he was 6 months old, & was taken in by the school directors Rose's mum.  He is a lovely little boy but when when I met him he was wearing a ragged dress & I thought he was a girl.  Over the last few months we have bought him a few bits like a bed, mosquito net, bedding, some clothes & shoes & a teddy, just to give him some possessions & also for him to look like a little boy!

One of our good friends Lizzie who has twin boys has over the last couple of years sent us the clothes her boys have grown out of. Some have gone to the babies homes & recently we have given some to Hamuza.  Yesterday I went & took him some more clothes from Lizzie. He hadn't been smiling much lately as he had been sick, but his face was beaming when he saw his new clothes!  We got him to do a little fashion show! Thanks so much Lizzie xxx

 What a handsome young man!

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