25 May 2010

I'm back in the UK!

So here I am now back in the UK to begin the final preparations for the Row for Life. I am always excited to be seeing my family again, but I am sad to be leaving Uganda (albeit only for a few weeks!) as my heart really is there & I miss everyone so much! 

I have been in contact with Rose at the school & all is well!  The 2nd term is about to start, so the teachers are planning away!  It is such a great feeling to have 14 of the teachers now sponsored, the atmosphere in this small wooden shack is amazing, full of hope!  Everyday I feel overwhelmed with the support I have received from the amazing people who are sponsoring our wonderful teachers.  It such a huge gift that makes such a difference to our school & to the lives & families of those teachers!

We have had some great people raising money for our Malaria Programme!  After our last distribution our 'Net Bank' was getting low & recently a great guy named Paddy in Ireland completed a marathon for us specifically to raise money fro mosquito nets!  Josef is about to embark on his climb up Mount Snowdon & Chris Cooper is preparing to complete his 3 Swims Challenge to swim in the English Channel, Lake Geneva & The Med all in 1 Day on June 19th!!  http://www.justgiving.com/3swims

I am so proud of our Malaria Programme, seeing all these children receiving nets that are HUGE so they can cover 2-3 children & only cost £2.50 per net!!  But in order for us to distribute nets we need to fundraise to actually buy the nets for £2.50.  So THANK YOU so much to everyone who has & continues to support our mosquito net campaign, something so small that actually save lives!

If you would like to buy nets for our distributions please visit www.againstmalaria.com/acdt

So now onwards & upwards to the Row for Life & lets see if we can build a new school too!!

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