9 May 2010

Meet Josef!

I would like to introduce to you Josef Graves a very courageous young man in the UK who is about to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales to raise money for the ACDT & in particular to buy mosquito nets! We are so grateful to him for doing this as we cannot continue with our Malaria Programme without the amazing support of people donating or buying mosquito nets!

Josef is 6 years old & as someone who has climbed Snowdon as part of our Three Peaks Challenge I know that it is a tough climb & we are very proud of what he is hoping to achieve!

Below is a small piece from Josef himself, please dig deep & support Josefs climb & support our Malaria Programme! Just £2.50 buys a huge mosquito net that will protect these children for years & save them from the awful effects of Malaria!     Josefs fundraising page is

Josef's blog
Hi - I saw some kids on tv who needed mosquito nets, so I decided to help. I said we should go up Snowdon and do a sponsored walk. we're going up the pyg track and down the miners track. Please will you sponsor me. I'm going on June the 4th. 
love from Josef. 

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