1 June 2010

Meet Chris!

I would like to introduce you to Chris Cooper who is about to embark on a really original idea to raise money for mosquito nets for our malaria programme.  In his own words.......... 
'Who would be mad enough to swim in the English Channel, Lake Geneva AND the Med all in one day?  Some young foolish adventurers, you cry?   No - we would, that's who!!  Two siblings in their fifties!
I am someone who loves swimming in the sea and also someone who loves motorbikes (although the latter hobby is apparently but a midlife crisis).
For years I have been dreaming of swimming in the three bodies of water in one day, so on June 19th 2010  we will be swimming on the beach in Dieppe at 5am (sunrise), getting on my trusty Triumph Tiger 1050 and taking a leisurely ride through Paris down to Lake Geneva for about 2pm for our second swim, before the final assault on the Med where we hope to arrive in Varazze Italy around 8pm ready for a third long warm swim and an even longer cold beer, having completed 720 odd, very odd miles.'

'I was going to be selfish and just do the trip with no other thought other than pure enjoyment however when I learnt that children are dying in Africa of Malaria for no other reason than  lack of Mosquito nets at £2.50 each I thought I would try to raise some money and have linked up with Africa Childrens Development Trust. They are a great charity and really care, you can be assured that every £2.50 I raise through this ride/swim will buy a net that 2 children can sleep under.   My target is 200 nets!'

You can sponsor Chris at www.justgiving.com/3swims

I have just received an update from Chris.......


Well, I just thought you might like to know that I am halfway to the target in terms of funds raised. We have booked the ferry to France and are going over the night before. We will be staying in Dieppe overnight on the 18th and then getting up at 4.15 for the first swim of the day. My bike has been checked over and My sister has bought her leathers. We have also booked the Hotel at the final stop Varazze.

Plans are coming along well.


On behalf of the ACDT we are so grateful to Chris & everyone who helps us raise the money for our projects.  Without your support we would not be able to do anything.........thank you xx

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