23 September 2012

Too long!!

Well its been too long since I have posted on this blog! Not because things haven't been happening but because too many things HAVE been happening and blogging just fell by the wayside!

Well no more!  I make a pledge now to get back on the blogging wagon and keep you all informed of what is happening!

The biggest thing to happen since I last posted is...

.....that I became a MUMMY!! So we have a new addition to the ACDT family! I would like to introduce baby Laanii to you all! She is now nearly 11 months old and is amazing!  I hope that as she grows and is exposed to the realities of the world that she will grow to be a good and grounded human being. I keep my fingers crossed!

We are now living back in the UK, although all support and work with the ACDT continues as before! Whilst in Uganda in April 2012, we finalised the build of the new school that has been part of our Buy a Brick campaign. We are hopefully on target and although the plot size is tiny, we have made the best use of the land we have and with the help of a local architect have designed a brick school over 3 floors. The school system has its longest school holiday during Dec/Jan so both Laanii and I will be returning to Uganda in November to sign off the build of the school so that building can commence! We have to utilise this school holiday as the existing wooden school must be demolished and we want minimal inpact on term time and the childrens learning! 

This is an exciting time for the ACDT and all its supporters! I feel like I have been talking about this school for too long now, well def for 3 years since we launched Buy a Brick, but to raise the money we needed has been a slow process especially in the financial climate of the last few years. I cannot wait to see it built and see those children in a proper teaching environment, as they certainly do deserve it! I will keep you all up to date with the progress and will post photos as it happens!  The plans are now in the Uganda equivilant of building control. I am now  just keeping my fingers crossed that all passes smoothly and the build can begin with no delays! This is Africa though.....and as you will know from previous postings over the years, the path of our work has certainly had its fair share of hurdles so I am remaining calm but hopeful at this time!

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