28 November 2010

Sports & play equipment, thanks Elaine & Lisa !!

Always prioritising food, salaries, shelter & general education, we have never had the money to buy sports/play equipment for the children except a few balls & we had the netball posts made a couple of years ago!

My good friends Elaine & Lisa held their 2nd sponsored Spider Ride on the Isle of Wight in September amongst the horsey community.  A spider ride is where people from all over ride to one meeting place which on something like an island can form routes to the meeting place similar to a spider web!

During this ride they raised an amazing £130 & I suggested that we use this money to buy some equipment for the children.  With this money we were able to get some footballs, netballs, tennis balls, volley ball & net, plastic tennis/badminton rackets, frisbees, hula hoops & skipping ropes.  As you can imagine, these gifts brought so much joy & excitement to the children!

Musa, Peter & Hamuza very excited about the gifts!

Musa can't wait to play!

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