25 July 2010

Row for Life 2010

And so it happened on the 25th June, the Row for Life 2010, that momentous occasion when 'on your marks, get set...GO' finally begins prompt at 5pm & you know that rowing will continue non stop for the next 52 hours!!

This was our second Row for Life & it was as great as the first one!  Over the whole weekend we received great support from IW Radio covering the event, our local newspaper, Ventnorblog came to do a podcast & teams from around the Isle of Wight all came together to row the 800,000 all for the common goal of helping children in Uganda.

Its the most amazing feeling when you see all these people giving up their time for others.  It was hot, sometimes the hours were not that sociable but the will to help & the desire to be part of the challenge pulled everyone together & I was so proud to be there as an islander & see all these people coming together to help me do what I do in Uganda.  I can't do it alone & so this means the world to me!

I have a great organising comittee this year with my family & friends & it all went like a dream.  The sleep deprivation is tough but nothing compared to what the kids in Uganda can endure & England playing so poorly in the World Cup on the Sunday did not help lift us!  But the camaradarie did lift us & when 9pm came on the Sunday & we had hit that target, the jubilations were immense!

It looks like we have raised approx £8500 this year which is more than last year & which can also really go along way out here so I am absolutely thrilled!!

Cruelly being teased with an ice cream in the heat!

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