6 March 2010

How we plan a Net Distribution!

We are in the process of planning our next net distributions & I thought I would share with you the planning & preparation that goes in to a distribution!

  1. Identify an area of need. - previously our distributions were concentrated around the children that were a regular part of our charity, but now thanks to your amazing support all these children are sleeping safely under nets!  So now we are working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health Malaria Control Programme to identify areas of need that fall under under mission statement of helping children.  Once an area has been identified we move to the next stage!
  2. We visit the area identified to look at many things including exact numbers of nets required, logistics & to fully understand the current impact of malaria in that need group.  Often we are presented with alarming statistics of recurring malaria & this always reminds us why net distributions are such an important part of our work!  It is also important to meet the people in charge of the area, whether that be the village leader, or the director of a school or orphanage.  The unfortunate reality is that not everyone in this world is a good person so I have to be 110% sure that this group is genuine, non corrupt & worthy or receiving our support!  Once we have gathered all the information we collate it all together.
  3. The information is then compiled & documented in a Post Distribution Proposal which is sent to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) who supply our nets & with whom the ACDT is a distribution partner.  They must sign off the proposal.  Once the proposal is signed off, the nets are released to us in Kampala for distribution. (Meanwhile now we have the numbers of nets we require, we come back to our supporters to help us raise this amount of nets so that we can complete the distribution! And our supporters are AMAZING!) 
  4. Distribution day is busy but fantastic, we have to compile lists for our distribution, get the nets to the destination & grab any of my friends who are free to come & help!  As the day progresses there is much joy & happiness, & smiley faces from the children, & lots of photos/film are taken which are sent to AMF & also kept with us for our records & to show our supporters where their donations have gone!  That night all the children will be safely sleeping under nets & that feeling is something else! 
  5. Following a distribution we make regular checks to ensure the nets are firstly being used, being used correctly & being looked after properly!  So far we have had no problems with this!
    So as you can see there is quite a lot involved.  But really the most important, is actually raising the money to buy the nets! If we identify a need for 350 nets then we need to raise £875 to buy those nets at £2.50 each!

    So thank you all so much for your support as without it we could 
    not do any of this!!

    Before & After!

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